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San Francisco




Owner and Chef Isai Cuevas is a native of Zimatlan, Oaxaca Mexico.  In 2004 he moved to SF.

Isai has worked all over San Francisco restaurants for the past 19 years. After starting out as dishwasher, Isai quickly moved up to prep cook and line cook at a busy Italian spot downtown, Kuletos. Then as sous chef under Chef Jan Birnbaum at Epic Steak, Eventually taking over as Executive chef at a local favorite Liverpool Lils.  

 Under the name Tamalitos, we Started making Tamales to sell at Farmers Markets and Catering around the Bay.  

Using Only Organic Masa Harina and Local Ingredients. Cooking Tasty Mexican Food for Everyone.

Est 2021

After spending much of the Pandemic in Oaxaca with Family we came back to San Francisco to decide what to do next.  The stars kind of aligned and there was an opening on 24th street. Isai loved the location he felt at home in the mission.  He named the Restaurant Donaji after a famous Zapotec Princess.   We look forward to cooking for you Soon. 

Chef Isai with Wife Aly

Small and Local 

Supporting other small businesses in SF is also a priority of ours - we buy our produce from local businesses like 

Ninos Fine Foods

Arcadios Produce,

Queso Salazar,

& Alma Semillera 

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